When everything was going beautiful, life showed it’s true colours.

Ever had a feeling that the life is very harsh on you? Ever asked the question why me? He has more costly bike than me? What is life?
Well I hope you find your answers here.
This is a story of a young boy in late 1980’s. He was the son of a very powerful and respected man, he had all the riches and luxury any one could imagine of. His family members were the successors of tax collectors of British rule with the possession of 700 acres of land and a huge bungalow.
He had a great time schooling and completed his 10th grade. When everything was going beautiful, life showed it’s true colours. The family was struck with a major problem. All the land and the property he had was encroached by his uncles which left the joint family of 11 with nothing but the bungalow. His dad could not cope with the loss and was unable to work, as the elder son he stood up and took all the responsiblity of the family. He started to work in at an ice cream factory and as a waiter but mainly at night shifts as his dad was still a respected man. He worked hard to have a sufficient financial condition as he had to feed 11 mouths.
The situation stabilizes, he joined for PUC and completed his 1st year but he only had enough money to pay for one exam fees and he paid ₹150 but for his youger brother and he himself wasted his 2nd year! He worked 24 hrs to educate his 5 brothers and a sister and succeded in doing it.
When the family was finiancially stable, he got married! He married a real fighter, a national champion short put player and an athelete. she was his backbone in lot of situations and the main reason behind his recovery from many problems.
They had a kid and the whole family rejoiced.

She was pregnant for the second time and when everything was going beautiful, life showed it’s true colours. He was thrown out of the family because of a family fight. With one kid in her womb and another in her arms, she with her husband having only ₹200 in his pocket left the house.
He started giving tuitions in the morning, school in the afternoon and work in the evening. The mother would feed the family and sometimes sleep with a wet towel. The condition was soon recovered and the family stabilizes, the couple become teachers in the Guru Nanak school of Bidar and earned a gold medal for the best methods of teaching.
When everything was going beautiful, life showed it’s true colours. The cylinder in their rented room exploded, the family was saved by the brave move of the mother, but the situation put the family back to struggle days. They decided to move to a better place and reached Ballari with just ₹500, here the couple started as teachers and now earned a lot of love and respect from the teaching community.
The boy turned to be the most respected and loved teacher in Ballari and the girl became the most trusted teacher by DDPI, ballari. They own a car, a bike and a lot of love from the 17 generations they have successfully educated.
This couple is none other than my father, Vilas Rao Kulkarni and mother Lakshmi Kulkarni. Their struggle from labour earning ₹50 till here is the only reason who I’am and I work only give them a better life ahead.
When I ask my dad what is life? He answered

Life is nothing but a constant struggle, hardwork and intelligence will get you through it.
-Vilas Rao kulkarni

Ask me I would say what I learnt from them is

Life is an opportunity to be someone better than the older you, an opportunity to achieve, it up to you what you do with it.

When everything was going beautiful, life showed it’s true colours. Two years ago his younger son got diagnosed with keratoconus , it’s a rare eye disorder. It costs 10 lakhs for his treatment!!

37 thoughts on “WHAT IS LIFE!

  1. 👏👏 aunt n uncle.. n even to u varadh Kulkarni.. The way u explained the struggles of ur parents was fab.. I think ur mom n dad wil feel proud of u.. after reading this…..

  2. The true life is not easy as drinking water using bottle but it is hard as making drinking water bottle.
    Nice motivation story bro..

  3. When it rains💦…… It pours.
    But soon,
    The sun 💥shines again….
    U a procreators stayed positive…
    N hence they r leading a better life today…..🌄
    Its beautiful…. Isnt it?💗
    How everything around hurts..
    N yet u a folks did not give up…💯
    U a blog had tears in my eyes…
    U words have pierced d heart of d reader…..😘
    U have done a colossal job👏… Keep going… My luck n prayers r always with you💐

  4. Very heart touching story… Emotional… Worth reading… An inspiration yeilder… A big salute to ua parents man… I wish dem a happy n long lyf…

  5. Really very happy to say,your post is very inspiring to read.i never stop myself to say something about it. Ur doing a great job dea dnt stop…
    Mama n sir would b very happy abt it:) all d very best keep it up👍👍

  6. Bhai # respect #salute
    And dil se duwa hai ke aap ka and aap ke family ka saat kabhi na chute. U r dad is an inspiration for me
    And i m glade that i know them.

  7. Really heart touching.. I feel ur blessed aswell I am blessed to b the student of such great teachers.. whom we always love to love and respect.yes I could even recall that quote which you mentioned .. which sir used often tell his students even and answer any queries with a pleasant smile ..it was great reading all about “What Is Life?”.. (awesome kabira) keep writing👍👌👌

  8. I just read your blog,”What is Life”, and was so peachy that I could hardly put it down until I finished it completely. It’s a great read! I hope you’ll write another one soon.” Truly above and beyond. Keep going you ‘gpsy soul’.

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